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  • Becoming the first in Indonesia with the fastest denture installation service.
  • Building a Dental Clinic with affordable costs and the best quality.
  • Selling consumables and Dental Health Equipment with offline and online sales as well
    distribution throughout Indonesia.
  • Providing health education to the public to care about dental and oral health.
  • Providing the Fastest Service at Affordable Prices and Quality.
  • Opening new jobs and helping the economy to grow amidst Covid-19.

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Our Dental Services

Fabrication of Regular Dentures for Loose Dentures with acrylic material, election load, Thermosen and Porcelain Crown Permanent Dentures.
Dental Braces

Straighten messy teeth by using braces which are used to produce neat teeth

Tooth Retainer

A tooth retainer that is useful for maintaining tooth alignment after removing braces

Teeth Bleaching

Restore your teeth to a brighter color with teeth whitening treatment at Alldent.

Teeth Scaling

Clean tartar which is one of the causes of cavities, clean it with dental scaling at Alldent.

Dental Veneers

Make your smile more confident with Dental Veneer treatment at Alldent.

Dental Fillings

Treating cavities so they don't get worse and cause other dental and oral diseases

Tooth Extraction

Having a toothache problem that requires tooth extraction at Alldent.

Our Dentist Team

drg. Tamimah

General Practice

drg. Anisa Rahmi Mulyati

General Practice

drg. Refni Mutia Gusra

General Practice

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